New Safety Equipment - CLiC-iT PRO



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  • CLiC-iT®PRO is a dual-leg lanyard that is equipped with two synchronized connectors, designed to prevent simultaneous opening: Opening one will automatically lock the other.
  • CLiC-iT®PRO minimizes the risks of accidental unhooking and disruptions between ladder and turbine nacelle’s top.
  • Securing possible from the very beginning of the climb and in the passage without lifeline.
  • The handles are used to pull yourself up during ascent.
  • The fall factor during the ascent is minimised, as the connectors stay in the hand and above the lanyard attachment point.
  • CLiC-iT®PRO is compatible with cable and angle supports and assures protection from the access to the MEWP.
  • CLiC-iT®PRO is compatible with all types of anchors including safety lines.
  • CLiC-iT ®PRO offers the necessary freedom for non-obstructive, efficient work at heights and has a wide range of application.
  • One, single PPE for horizontal and vertical movement and all varieties of anchors.
  • Sturdy, durable mechanism with a two-year warranty.
  • The periodical control does not require dismantling of the product.
  • Life cycle can be extended. Tested under the harshest environmental conditions.