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Spill Kits
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Asbso'net One Plus 20L x 70 bags per pallet

High Performance absorbent granules, 20ltr bags.A global market leader in absorbent granules..

£6.90 Ex Tax: £5.75

Ecospill Maintenance Roll Spill & Go - M0803622 - 36cm x 22cm

Made from highly absorbent fibres chosen specifically for fluid retention, laminate roll for extra s..

£50.00 Ex Tax: £41.67

Lax60 Industrial Multi Purpose Wipes

Lax60 Industrial Multi Purpose WipesVery strong materialLow-Linting, Highly absorbentCan be used wit..

£16.80 Ex Tax: £14.00

PE 2 Drum Bunded Workfloor

SJ-300-001 PE work floors for 2 drums.Safety storage.Can be used for static spill cont..

£205.52 Ex Tax: £171.27

Premier Oil Only Pad (Pack of 100)

Oil Only Pads with excellent resistance to wear and market leading tensile strengthFirst rate perfor..

£55.61 Ex Tax: £46.34

Premier Oil Only Sock

Where liquids need to be contained and absorbed, your best choice is one or more of these Ecospill a..

£71.87 Ex Tax: £59.89


An economical kit packed in a yellow 2-wheeled industrial strength polyethylene bin. This is ideal..

£221.64 Ex Tax: £184.70

Spill & Go Spill Kit Maintenance

22 L Spill and Go Spill response kit for Oil Only Product is available in a PE bag with handle. 20 x..

£26.38 Ex Tax: £21.98

Wall Mounted Dispenser Box Maintenance

New spill & go wall mounted dispenser box is great for hanging on walls to always be kept in sight. ..

£26.38 Ex Tax: £21.98

Spill Kits

Buy spill kits at Sorted4Safety. We stock a variety of premium spill kits for oil, fuel, diesel, chemical and body fluid hazards with next day delivery available on all spill kit orders at Sorted 4 Safety.

Cheap Spill Kits Online at Sorted 4 Safety

Sorted4Safety stocks a massive selection of spill response kits that contain items necessary for responding to chemical, oil, and hazardous material spills.

The three types of spill kits used include Universal or General Purpose Kits which are made with grey absorbents to clean up both water based fluids and hydrocarbons. These are usually grey in colour.

The second type of spill kit is the oil only kits which are made with white absorbents that repeal water and float on water. These types of kits are used to clean up spillages on hydrocarbons only which may include motor oil, jet fuel, diesel, gasoline, hydraulic oil.

The final type of mage spillage kits can be Hazmat Kits, these kits are made with yellow absorbents to clean up aggressive fluids such as acids and solvents. Hazmat kits will also absorb hydrocarbons as well as water based fluids.

High Quality Oil, Chemical, Maintenance Spill Kits with Next Day Delivery

In order to help choose the right kits for you spill determine the spillage compared to the largest spill for your industry and then use it according to your current regulations.

Spill kits can last for a couple of spills and do not need to be used all for one use allow sometimes this is the case. Storage of spill kits will be determined where you need them in your industry either in static containers or mobile containers.

Use additional items to add to your spillage kit should you need it Sorted4Safety can add on to most items, if we stock show it on the website, get in contact so that we can see if we have it in stock with your clean up kit.

Sorted4Safety spillage kits all include high quality absorbents and safety items such as gloves and goggles are standard. We have the some of the lowest prices shopping in store and online when you compare quality and content for your spillage kits.

Spillage Containment Kits Premium Quality For All Occasions

Sorted4Safety offer a full range to help you meet with your industry guidelines, legislation and compliance. Our kit include Oil spill kits, Chemical spill kits, Maintenance spill kits and Anti static spill kits, all are available from stock for next day delivery.

Sorted4Safety offers competitively priced, quality assured products with a very high level of service, expertise and technical assistance from people with experience in the industry. By using our kits you can effectively react to any oil, chemical or general fluid spill on site, land and water.

Sorted4Safety offers a safe and secure website specifying in an array of Oil Spill Kits, Chemical Spill Kits, Absorbents and Adsorbents and Oil and Chemical Absorbents online.