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Exhalation Valve Cover for Force™10 Mask

Replacement Exhalation Valve Cover for Force™10 mask...

£9.19 Ex Tax: £7.66

Harness & Clips for Force™10 Mask

Replacement Harness and Clips for The Force™10 Mask. Head Harness made from Thermoplastic Elastomer..

£18.48 Ex Tax: £15.40

Inhal/Exhal Diaphragm 3Pcs for Force™10 Mask

Replacement Typhoon™ Exhalation Valve Diaphragm to fit Force™10 Mask. Made from Silicone...

£8.48 Ex Tax: £7.07

Jetstream® MK7® Helmet Alternate Headpiece

Jetstream® Mk® 7 Helmet with VisorHDPE industrial safety helmet for EN397 protection against falli..

£213.19 Ex Tax: £177.66

Jetstream® Nylon Hood

Jetstream® White Nylon HoodSturdier than the Non-Woven hood but still lightweight. White for most..

£73.69 Ex Tax: £61.41

Moldex Resealable Storage Box

Stable buckets with carry handle and resealable lid. Fits a fully assembled half mask with filters...

£5.52 Ex Tax: £4.60

Orinasal Mask, O-Ring & 3 Valve for Force™10

Replacement Orinasal Mask to fit Force™10 Mask. Made from thermoplastic elastomer and polypropylene..

£39.19 Ex Tax: £32.66

Peel Off Visor Protector For Force™10 Mask - Pack of 10

Replacement Peel Off Visor to fit Force™10 Mask. This is a Pack of 10...

£14.81 Ex Tax: £12.34

Tornado Battery

Replacement NiMH Battery for the Tornado Blower Unit, with typical 8 hour capacity. Properties ..

£223.27 Ex Tax: £186.06

Tornado Blower Unit

Provides a constant supply of filtered air from the waist mounted lightweight, compact and unobtrus..

£296.64 Ex Tax: £247.20

Tornado Smartcharger

Smartcharger for recharging single battery used in the T/Power unit. Properties Air Fed/P..

£114.19 Ex Tax: £95.16