Ear Plugs

Ear Plugs
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One of the lightest semi-aural hearing devices on the market. E ·A ·RCap provide day long protectio..

£4.32 Ex Tax: £3.60

Howard Leight MAX-1 Max Earplug (Pack 200)

Provides 37dB protectionBell shape allows easy insertion and comfortable extended wearPack of 200 d..

£62.50 Ex Tax: £52.08

Jazz-Band® 2 Banded Earplugs

Increased comfort through reduced band pressure and improved podsBanded ear..

£5.59 Ex Tax: £4.66

MelLows® MoldexStation [500 pairs]

Earplugs for protection against lower noise levelsMade of soft PU-foamPacked in pair..

£51.43 Ex Tax: £42.86

Pura-Fit® Ear Plugs (50 Pairs)

Earplugs for protection against higher noise levelsMade of soft PU-foamPacked in pairsTe..

£11.52 Ex Tax: £9.60

Rockets® Blister [1 pair]

Washable and reusable earplugsMade of soft, TPE material which is ge..

£4.06 Ex Tax: £3.38

Spark Plugs® Blister [5 pairs]

Appealing colours, tapered design Made of soft PU-foam Packed in pairs Tested and certified..

£2.81 Ex Tax: £2.34

Twisters® Cord Earplugs (Box of 80)

Large handle for easy insertion & removalNo rolling necessary – plugs stay h..

£76.00 Ex Tax: £63.33

Ear Plugs