Face-Fit Open Days

Face Fit Testing 

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Face Fit Testing Open Days have a very flexible structure, you can book as an individual or as a group. You can arrange a drop in or a site visit.

On the open day, one of our trained advisers will conduct a qualitative test on you to ensure that you have a proper fitting dust mask approved by Fit2Fit safety standards. 

Why is face fit testing important?


People come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. It is unlikely that one particular type, or size of RPE facepiece, will fit everyone. For this reason, manufacturers offer different size and shape facepieces such as masks, visors and hoods. 

 The performance of tight-fitting facepieces depends on achieving a good contact between the wearer’s skin and the face seal of the facepiece. A poor fit will significantly reduce the protection the RPE can provide you. Any reduction in protection can put your life in danger or may lead to immediate or long-term ill health.

Train the Tester

Why do it?

  • There are approximately 12,000 deaths each year due to occupational respiratory diseases, about two-thirds of which were due to asbestos-related diseases or COPD
  • These are long latency diseases (they take a long time to develop following exposure to the agent that caused them) therefore current deaths reflect the effect of past working conditions
  • About 36,000 people who worked in the last year, and 141,000 who had ever worked currently have breathing or lung problems they thought were caused or made worse by work
  • Estimated 14,000 new cases of breathing or lung problems caused or made worse by work each year.

Course Content

  • Face fit testing – what is it and why is it needed
  • Legislation, Operational Circular and HSG’s (Overview)
  • Respiratory system and associated illnesses
  • Introduction to RPE: FFP, Half face mask and canisters
  • Qualitative FIT Testing
  • Inspection and Fitting RPE
  • Face fit test: Carry out a sensitivity and fit test.

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